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Photo of the week
View from my office
Christine Wise

I took this photo on the Sunshine Coast a couple months ago .... sitting on a patient’s verandah for an HMR. More...

New National Asthma Strategy planned
The National Asthma Council has been charged with the task of developing a new National Asthma Strategy with the federal government to provide $200,000 in funding to develop and implement the strategy. More....

Joke of the week

Aussie etiquette
This seems to have been distributed as a joke however I tend to think it just makes good sense and already live by many of these.
In General: Never take an open stubby to a job interview...

Pharmacists a neat bunch
The results of this week's AusPharm poll (n=193) reveal that most pharmacists take some pride in the presentation of their pharmacy's repeat folders with 69% of respondents limiting the number of staples they use to affix repeat scripts to the folder to one. More....

ASMI 2014 Conference: Self care emerging as central to sustainable health policy
One of the architects of self care policy in the UK, Ms Gopa Mitra MBE, will describe how the UK has advanced self care when she presents at the ASMI 2014 Conference on 18 November 2014. More....

November 2014 PBS schedule
The PBS schedule and Summary of Changes are available here. More....

Research Roundup

Collated by Debbie Rigby.

The good oil on the latest research.  More > premium

AusPharmList Post of the day

Re: When did the pharmacy board exams start getting so easy?
Bruce Moffat
Peter Allen wrote: We would love to hear some of the questions


I was one of the patsies who volunteered to test drive 50  potential questions for the  APC 3 hour 125 question multiple choice test at PAC a few weeks ago.

If I have a take home message it is that there is a LOT of thought that goes into getting the questions just like the little bear's porridge.... More...

AusPharm CPD: Reducing risk of diabetes complications

The next AusPharm CPD topic for 2014 is Reducing risk of diabetes complications More....

Pun of the day: grave diggers
I went to the cemetery yesterday to lay some flowers on a grave. As I was standing there I noticed four grave diggers walking about with a coffin. More....

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