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Australian pharmacists honoured by FIP
Three Australian pharmacists have been honoured for their contribution to pharmacy at the World Congress of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences (FIP Congress), currently underway in Bangkok, Thailand. More....

Location rules exist for good reason – if you’re a Guild pharmacist

A fortnight ago today we ran a cracker of an article from former Guild Executive Director Stephen Greenwood in which he defended the pharmacy Location Rules saying they were 'gold dust' for government More....

MTX deaths not confined to Australia
A new Zealand man with rheumatoid arthritis has died after a GP incorrectly prescribed a daily rather than weekly dose of methotrexate. The dispensing pharmacy did not pick up the error. The man died one month after starting the daily dose from gastrointestinal haemorrhage. More....

Research Roundup

Collated by Debbie Rigby.

The good oil on the latest research.  More > premium

Congratulations Lloyd Smith, ACP Young Pharmacist Innovation Grant 2014
Congratulations to Lloyd Smith of CHC Pharmacy in Coffs Harbour upon being awarded the IMS Health - Australian College of Pharmacy Young Pharmacist Innovation Grant for 2014. More....

New Painmaster MCT patch now available to pharmacies
Painmaster is a new, drug free and non-invasive Micro Current Therapy (MCT) Patch that may help to control pain and promote healing. More....

New Painmaster MCT patch now available to pharmacies
Painmaster is a new, drug free and non-invasive Micro Current Therapy (MCT) Patch that may help to control pain and promote healing. More....

Self-management beats GP care for BP :
Australian Doctor. More... premium

AusPharmList Post of the day

Post Surgical Wound Healing
Anne Todd
Hi everyone. I need an article to support (pardon the pun) using tape eg (fixomull or paper tapes) post surgical incisions (eg after appendectomy / laparoscopic surgery etc) while collagen/fibrin etc lay down a a maxtix and the muscles knit under the dermis. I can't find a good article that discusses this issue well. But I know I've heard Geoff Sussman talk about it in the past.

Most of what I have found skims over the issue of loss of tensile strength in 1 line with no suggestions on how to improve this with long term post op management or prevent risk of herniation, except where discussing risk of infection. What I can find is in reference to keloid scaring, after the fact and a reasonable amount about preventing that from occuring, but the articles don't discuss muscle tissue. More...

AusPharm CPD: New Australian asthma guidelines

The next in our 2014 series of continuing professional development activities is New Australian asthma guidelines, put together for AusPharm by Debbie Rigby. More....

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